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How To Tell If Your Guy Friend Likes You Quiz

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You like your guy friend but still confused about his feelings. Sometimes he seems flirty and other times he gets too sociable. Relationships are that way only. Have you known his signals? Do you both like others and ready to take your friendship to the next level? Take this interesting quiz to find out the meaning of his gentle clues and figure out his liking for you.

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1. When does he compliment you?

61562 When I dress beautifully
61563 When he likes my advice
61564 He has no special reason to compliment me
61565 He does not compliment me

2. What is the nicest thing he did for you?

61566 Bring small gifts for you every time
61567 Always greet me with flowers
61568 He buys me anything I want
61569 Anything he does is the best

3. Does he touch you for small things like removing the hair from your face?

61570 Once or twice
61571 Never
61572 Often
61573 We only restrict ourselves to high fives

4. Does he know and memorize the smallest details of you?

61574 Yes, he knows my every like and dislikes
61575 He knows my favorite color, dress, food, drink, and even my drink
61576 He knows how I would react in a certain situation
61577 I guess he doesn’t have a clue

5. Have you met his family?

61578 Once or twice
61579 I visit them occasionally
61580 I celebrate their birthday
61581 No, not yet

6. What will happen if he asks you to go out for an evening when you had already a plan with friends?

61582 He asks would you or your friends mind if he comes along
61583 He doesn’t mind and says we will go some other day
61584 He gets irritated and says you have no time for him
61585 He understands

7. Do you guys hang out more together than in a group?

61586 We never hang out
61587 We hang out with friends only
61588 We hang out one-on-one
61589 Never thought of

8. Has he sought advice on relationships, especially with a girl?

61590 No
61591 Yes
61592 Sometimes
61593 Often

9. Who initiates the physical contact?

61594 It is me who initiates
61595 He do when we are alone
61596 We never had physical contact other than an accidental touch
61597 He knows I don’t like this

10. How often did you catch him staring at you?

61598 Many times, it’s countless
61599 Never
61600 Once or twice
61601 Don’t remember
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