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How To Tell If You Like Someone Quiz

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The presence of someone relaxes you and you can talk for hours to this guy without pause. Do you like to spend countless hours with this person? How smooth is your relationship, it is important to find out. Do you give him/her more important than anything else? Find out his/her place in your life by answering this 10 fun quiz with honest answers.

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1. How do you feel when you watch a romantic film?

61450 Wish to have a love story like it
61451 It is cute
61452 Get romantic vibes dreaming about your partner
61453 Force you to believe in love

2. How do you feel when you hear someone special’s name?

61454 I get butterflies in my stomach
61455 It brings a smile on my face
61456 Nostalgic, fill the heart with the romance
61457 Let’s not make it big

3. You feel special when talking to someone?

61458 Yes
61459 I completely blackout
61460 I get nervous
61461 I become overly happy

4. How many times do you see this person?

61462 Once a day
61463 All the time
61464 I wake with his/her thoughts
61465 I do not meet in person

5. What do think about seeing a couple walking hand in hand down the pathway?

61470 It makes me think of a special friend
61471 Cute
61472 Nothing special
61473 Romantic

6. How long do you know this person?

61474 Since my childhood
61475 We went to the same school
61476 We are working together for years
61477 We met a few months before

7. How are you related to this person?

61478 My sister/ brother
61479 We are close pals
61480 We were schoolmates
61481 Friend of my siblings

8. How do you want to spend time with him/her?

61482 Go for a long drive
61483 Watch movie
61484 Stay at home, spending time with each other
61485 Hang out in groups

9. If you were to compare with him/her with a flower, what it would be?

61486 Rose
61487 Lotus
61488 Cauliflower
61489 How can I compare a real guy with a flower?

10. Do you go buy grocery that is far from your place but near to this person’s house?

61494 Yes, always
61495 Yes, most of the time
61496 No, it is wastage of time
61497 Never
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