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Quiz: How To Know When Your Period Is Coming?

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Questions & Options

1. How old would you say you are?

23434 10-11
23435 11-12
23436 12-13
23437 14+

2. How far away would you say you are from the age your mum begun hers?

23438 At least 2 years more youthful
23439 1.6 years younger
23440 Same age
23441 I don’t know

3. Do you have boobs and to what extent/how are they?

23442 I'm starting to get greater bosoms like my areolas getting bigger!
23443 They're starting to develop past the bosom tissue yet doesn’t look like a grown-up lady's bosom!
23444 They look all the more womanly now and are very big: I can fat an as bra now.
23445 They're exceptionally created; I've had them for like 2 years or more!

4. What amount of any hair do you have in your private parts?

23446 Nothing
23447 I have a couple of fine dainty hairs growing
23448 Quite dark hairs
23449 They're truly thick

5. Have you had a development spurt?

23450 I've not had any development spurt yet
23451 I believe I'm having one at this point. I've developed like 7 cm this year (3 inches)
23452 I've grown 8 cm this year. Thus, yes! (3.5 inches) or more
23453 I had a development spurt yet it had ceased, so I simply develop as I used to now like 5 cm a year (2 inches)

6. Do you have underarm hair?

23454 No
23455 A couple of hairs starting to become yet blonde and flimsy
23456 Truly, I have some hair however not a full sum, got it around a half year back
23457 Truly, unquestionably got hair there, its thick and dull

7. When your adolescence did begin?

23458 Like 3 months or less back
23459 Around 9 months back
23460 I've had it for a year
23461 I've had it for 1.5 - 2 years

8. What’s your weight now?

23462 25 kg or less
23463 25-30 kg
23464 30-35 kg
23465 35-40 kg

9. Do you have white discharge?

23466 No
23467 Just began it 3 weeks prior
23468 It has started 4 months prior
23469 Had it for like 3 years

10. Have you had pimples at your face?

23470 Yes
23471 No
23472 A little bit
23473 A huge amount
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