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When You Get A Boyfriend Quiz

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First of all, there's literally nothing wrong with being single. However, if you would like a boyfriend and feel suck wondering about how to get a boyfriend or sweetheart, take this test to demystify the process and you will be able to find a good man soon!

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1. Select a fun date activity

23758 Going on a picnic
23759 Cooking a meal together
23760 Watching movies
23761 All of them

2. How would you like to flirt?

23762 Very confidently
23763 Very cheesy lines
23764 Funny yet self-deprecating
23765 Flirty but not too much

3. Pick your preference:

23766 Savour
23767 Salty
23768 Sweet
23769 Bitter

4. Do you like someone?

23770 Yes
23771 No
23772 Not really
23773 A kind of

5. What’s your bite on public displays of affection?

23774 I hate showoff
23775 Prefer to have private time together
23776 I like to PDA
23777 I don’t know

6. Select a location for you?

23778 Paris
23779 New York City
23780 Bali
23781 Switzerland

7. What is your favorite personality feature in a guy?

23782 Sense of humor
23783 Personality
23784 Confidence
23785 Laid back attitude

8. What would you want to gift to your crush?

23786 A fresh flowers bouquet
23787 A branded watch
23788 Offer him some yummy snacks
23789 All of them

9. How would you spend some quality time with your boyfriend?

23790 Roaming around the streets
23791 Having lunch at classy bar
23792 Being in his arms
23793 Having romantic conversation with him

10. What type of relationship do you want?

23794 Casual
23795 A healthy one
23796 Romantic one
23797 Any is ok with me
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