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How To Find Your Purpose In Life Quiz

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Some people keep asking from life is what reason they have to live or what they were sent out to accomplish in this life. Finding your purpose in life is one of the most fulfilling things one can do. Take up this quiz and get to know what your purpose in life is.

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1. If you could only have one thing life what would it be?

19586 Happiness
19587 Love
19588 Success
19589 Peace

2. What do you consider as your strength?

19590 You are loyal and great listener
19591 Your ability to find inner peace
19592 Teaching other
19593 Your versatility to adapt to any situation

3. What is your dream job?

19594 Lawyer
19595 Doctor
19596 NGO worker
19597 Dancer

4. Which word describes you best?

19598 Energetic
19599 Loyal
19600 Empathetic
19601 Thoughtful

5. Are you pretty happy with life right now?

19602 Yes
19603 No
19604 Somewhere
19605 Don’t know

6. What is the greatest legacy you could leave behind?

19606 Knowing that you lived and loved life
19607 Knowing that you made a change to the world
19608 Happy and healthy children
19609 Making it into time magazines most influential people list

7. Do you feel like you don’t belong to this life?

19610 Yes
19611 Never
19612 Sometimes
19613 All the times

8. Which celebrity do you admire?

19614 Kim Kadarshian
19615 Brad Pitt
19616 Kylie Jenner
19617 Julia Roberts

9. Which piece of Buddhist wisdom do you follow?

19618 Realize Non-Attachment
19619 Live deeply
19620 Wake up
19621 Connect with others

10. Which location do you feel most comfortable in?

19622 Jungle
19623 Beach
19624 Home
19625 Hills
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