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Quiz: How To Find A Hobby?

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Questions & Options

1. What’s your favorite late-night snack?

20194 Popcorn
20195 Grilled cheese sandwich
20196 Leftover pizza
20197 Coffee

2. On a rainy Saturday, you:

20198 Make some cartoons
20199 Curl up and read a book
20200 Run-on the treadmill
20201 Play a family game of charades

3. What’s your favorite school subject?

20202 Reading
20203 Art
20204 Gym
20205 Music

4. You would write a fictional story about:

20206 A Harry Potter fan fiction
20207 A beautiful drama
20208 A doodling hero
20209 Write a sportsman's motivational story

5. What kind of movies you really like?

20210 Musical
20211 Movies based on drama
20212 Sports movies
20213 Movies on writing and writers

6. How digitally connected do you like to be?

20214 I go online to check my boyfriend’s last seen
20215 I love trolling
20216 I stalk people
20217 I mostly share socially conscious articles

7. Pick a gift for you:

20218 A private gym
20219 The most expensive guitar
20220 A library of thousands of books
20221 A VIP ticket of the best Opera theater in the world

8. What kind of people do you follow on Facebook and Twitter?

20222 Musicians
20223 Athletes and sport persons
20224 Artists
20225 I don't use social media that much

9. Choose a beverage for you:

20226 Mint and cucumber water
20227 Red wine
20228 Soft drink
20229 None of the above

10. What do you feel attracted to?

20230 Stories, books, articles, blogs etc
20231 Singing, playing a musical instrument
20232 Sports and fitness
20233 Acting and plays
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