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Quiz: How Do You Do Your Laundry?

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There are several works that are not considered to be gender-free and can be done by both men and women. Of course, we are talking about laundry! Thanks to the latest technological advances, that we can now use washing machines to do laundry making it easier for us and hassle-free. But do you know there are anyways several ways of doing laundry? Have you thought about what might be your style of doing the same? Try out this very interesting quiz to check How do you do your laundry? Give your answers and see what type might you get?

Let’s start the quiz

1. How often do you care about clothes?

122176 Often
122177 Very often
122178 Somewhat
122179 Rarely

2. How often do you wash your clothes?

122180 Often
122181 Somewhat
122182 Rarely
122183 Very Often

3. Do you think you should wash those clothes that have a Dry Clean label on them?

122184 Not at all
122185 Yes, why not
122186 Maybe
122187 Not sure

4. What setting is best for synthetic fabrics?

122188 Permanent Hand Press
122189 Delicate Hand Wash
122190 Rinse and spin
122191 Rapid speed

5. Do you understand sensitive clothes and not so sensitive clothes well?

122192 Somewhat agree
122193 Disagree
122194 Agree
122195 Somewhat disagree

6. How often you yourself do the laundry?

122196 Often
122197 Very Often
122198 Somewhat
122199 Rarely

7. What do you feel about paid outdoor services for laundry?

122200 Perfect Way!
122201 The worst way
122202 Somewhat okay
122203 Not sure

8. How often do you get others to do your laundry?

122204 Often
122205 Very often
122206 Somewhat
122207 Rarely

9. How often do you repeat clothes?

122208 Often
122209 Very Often
122210 Rarely
122211 Somewhat

10. How often purchase detergent powders?

122212 Rarely
122213 Somewhat
122214 Often
122215 Very often

11. How often people compliment you for getting the perfect wash?

122216 Often
122217 Somewhat
122218 Very often
122219 Rarely

12. How often do you judge people on their laundry basis?

122220 Rarely
122221 Somewhat
122222 Often
122223 Very often
Let’s start the quiz

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