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How Much Does He Think About Me? Quiz for Girls

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We often have a crush on people and want to know if they are also interested in us. Come on girls, admit it! It’s the best feeling in the world to know that our crush likes you too. The below quiz will give you a basic idea about what your crush feels for you. So, all the girls, try it now! Hope you get the answer you wish for.

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1. How do you communicate with him?

133453 Calling
133454 Messaging
133455 Face to face
133456 We don’t communicate at all

2. Have you told him that you like him?

133457 Not yet
133458 Yes
133459 Don’t want to reveal
133460 Don’t remember

3. Has he told you that he feels for you?

133461 Yes, once
133462 No, never
133463 Yes, but not clearly
133464 Can’t say much about this

4. Has he asked for your opinion and likes/ dislikes ever?

133465 Yes, every time
133466 No, never
133467 A few times
133468 On matters related to me

5. How many times did he go out shopping with you?

133469 Every time I go out for shopping
133470 Sometimes when he is free
133471 When I convince him
133472 Never

6. What kind of relationship does he share with your parents?

133473 Everything is good
133474 Mom likes him only
133475 Dad likes him only
133476 My parents are not sure about his character

7. Does he know about your friends?

133477 About 1 or 2
133478 Not about any of them
133479 Yes about a few
133480 Never talked about this

8. How frequently do you see each other?

133481 Often
133482 Never met him
133483 Only once
133484 Daily because we are school/ college mates

9. Does he know about your daily routine?

133485 No, nothing
133486 He knows it properly
133487 He often stays with me throughout the day
133488 He doesn’t remember much

10. Has he ever shared any of his secrets with you?

133489 Yes, all of them
133490 One or two
133491 A few
133492 None
Let’s start the quiz

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