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Quiz: How Much Do You Know Each Other Couples?

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Questions & Options

1. Do you think your partner is dominating in the relationship?

12125 No because she motivates you
12126 Sometimes
12127 No because he is very caring not dominating
12128 You have never thought about it before

2. Do you think that your partner loves you?

12129 Yes she loves me a lot
12130 Not really
12131 Sometimes because sometimes his behavior is different
12132 If she didn't, you wouldn't be with her, to begin with

3. According to you which one is more manipulative in your relationship?

12133 Husband
12134 Both of us
12135 Wife
12136 None of them

4. In the marriage have you clearly decided on each other's roles?

12137 Yes
12138 No
12139 Not properly
12140 It is really not a debate right now

5. If your children have any problem then where he/she go first, his/ her mother or father?

12141 Mother
12142 Always towards mother
12143 Father
12144 Neither one of them

6. What do you think, your children trust more on you or your partner?

12145 Both of you
12146 Your wife
12147 Your husband
12148 None of them

7. Do you get any kind of support from your partner?

12149 Yes
12150 Sometimes
12151 All the time
12152 Yes, but it's rare

8. How well do you think you would solve an infidelity problem?

12153 Solve it? You mean by breaking up?
12154 "Well" should mean cutting ties with that person
12155 "Well" should mean seeing a marriage counselor
12156 "Well" means trying to see what could have led to it in the first place

9. What brought you together in the first place?

12157 Your common passions
12158 The mutual love you have for one another
12159 A common friend
12160 You don't know, it just happened

10. Are you happy with your partner?

12161 Yes, very much
12162 You think so
12163 Yes but certain things need to be improved
12164 Not yet
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