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Drone Safety Guidelines Quiz: How Much You Know About Drone Safety Guidelines?

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Questions & Options

1. Professional drone pilots are that they can only fly at a maximum altitude of:

145308 100 feet
145309 400 feet
145310 800 feet
145311 1000 feet

2. A 2016 law required the __________ to develop a remote identification standar.

145312 FAA
145313 FATF
145314 ATFF
145315 ABSF

3. How many Drone you can fly at one time?

145316 One
145317 Two
145318 Three
145319 More then one

4. You must keep your drone at least ______________ metres away from other people.

145320 10 metres
145321 30 metres
145322 50 metres
145323 80 metres

5. How to stop drones from flying over the house?

145324 Anti-Drone Drones
145325 Anti-Drone Birds
145326 Anti-Drone Jammers
145327 All of the above

6. Which of the following is an example of temporary (TFR) or permanent flight restriction?

145328 No fly zone over sensitive areas such as Washington D.C
145329 No fly zone put in place over active public safety emergencies as fire fighting operations
145330 No fly zone put in place over large sporting events
145331 All of the above-mentioned

7. What is the meaning of { FAA}?

145332 Flying Airplane Administration
145333 Federal Aviation Administration
145334 Flight Association of America
145335 None of these

8. The Tello drones are not required to be registered because:

145336 They are used for educational purposes
145337 They weigh under 0.55 pounds
145338 They were purchased online
145339 All of the above

9. In which where you can get a Bachelor's Degree in Aviation Science, including a focus on Unmanned Aerial Systems?

145340 Elizabeth City State University
145341 NC State University
145342 University of North Carolina
145343 None of the above

10. You have to be able to see the drone at all times that's means:

145344 In the line of fight
145345 In the line of light
145346 In the line of sight
145347 In the line of night

11. People should never fly over groups of people because:

145348 They will interfere with the drone
145349 You could crash and hurt someone
145350 They will want to fly the drone too
145351 All of the above

12. Which of the following are the forces acting on an aircraft?

145352 Thrust
145353 Drag
145354 Lift
145355 All of the above
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