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Does He Like Me Only For Girls Quiz

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Some place at any phase of life we as a whole really like somebody. So women on the off chance that you have a great looking pulverize in your life of which you have not affirmed his inclination for you, at that point this test is for you. This will tell you whether he likes you or whether he doesn't. So let us about we start with the fingers crossed.

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1. What do you think that he knows you or not?

331 Yes, we are friends
332 May be
333 Yes
334 Do not know

2. Where did you meet him?

335 Office
336 Market
337 Pub
338 College

3. What do you think about whether he likes you or not?

339 Yes, totally
340 May be, not sure
341 No
342 May be only as friend

4. What do you think does he has girl fired?

343 No
344 Yes but they are thinking to break up
345 I don’t know
346 Doesn’t matter

5. How much you like him on the scale of 1-10?

347 5
348 6
349 8
350 10

6. What is best describe him?

351 He is too good
352 He is handsome like stud
353 He is shy
354 He is too funny

7. What is his favorite color?

355 Red
356 Grey
357 May be black
358 White

8. Which color car he has?

359 Red
360 White
361 Pearl
362 Do not know
Let's Start

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