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Dhanteras Trivia Quiz! How Much You Know About Dhanteras?

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The festival of Dhanteras, which takes place two days before Deepawali, the festival of worship of Maa Lakshmi, is the day to remember Dev Vaidya Dhanvantari and Kubera, considered the treasurer of Lakshmi. The 'Dhanteras', which celebrates the Trayodashi of Krishna Paksha before Diwali, is also called 'Dhanvantari Trayodashi' and it is considered auspicious to buy anything of gold or silverware on this day. Dhanvantari and Kubera should also be worshiped along with Lakshmi Ji on the day of Dhanteras, because while Kubera is an adder of wealth and wealth, Dhanvantari is the greatest physician of the universe. The most suitable time for worship on the day of Dhanteras is during the Pradosha period when the stagnant Lagna prevails. It is believed that if Dhanteras is worshiped during the stable ascendant, then Lakshmi Ji stays in the house. Vrishabha Lagna is considered stable and during the festival of Diwali, it mostly operates along the Pradosh period. Let's take the Dhanteras trivia quiz & test yourself.

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1. Which color things should be avoided to bring home on Dhanteras?

39099 Brown color
39100 Green color
39101 Black color
39102 Red color

2. There is also a practice of buying _______________ on the day of Dhanteras.

39103 Iron
39104 Silver
39105 Glass
39106 Graphite

3. According to the belief, on the day of Dhanteras, whose things should not be brought home?

39107 Items made of iron
39108 Items made of brass
39109 Items made of bronze
39110 Items made of copper

4. When Dhanvantari appeared, he had an urn full of __________ in his hands.

39111 Gold
39112 Honeydew
39113 Poison
39114 Blood

5. Who has been called the greatest wealth?

39115 Gold
39116 Silver
39117 Branch
39118 Patience

6. God who is also the god of medicine.

39119 Kuber
39120 Dhanvantari
39121 Bhagwan Vishnu
39122 All of above

7. On which day do people also buy the idol for the worship of Lakshmi Ganesh on the night of Diwali.

39123 Hell chaturdashi
39124 Dipawali
39125 Dhanteras
39126 None of the above

8. When was Lord Dhanvantari and mother Lakshmi born?

39127 River churn
39128 Sea churn
39129 Earth churn
39130 Climate churn

9. In what form has the Government of India decided to celebrate Dhanteras?

39131 National Medicine Day
39132 National Ayurveda Day
39133 National Dhanteras Day
39134 National Yoga Day

10. On which date is Dhanteras celebrated?

39135 Karthik krishna paksha
39136 Karthik shukla paksha
39137 Karthik amavasya
39138 Ashwini Trayodashi

11. Which god is worshiped on the day of Dhanteras?

39139 Lord Dhanvantari
39140 Dhan Kuber
39141 Both of above
39142 Shri Ganesh

12. By what other name is Dhanteras known?

39143 Dhantrayodashi
39144 Mahalaxmi Puja
39145 Kuber Puja
39146 All of above
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