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Chicago Blues Festival Trivia Quiz

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Chicago blues festival is the famous music fest, hosted by the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (formerly the Mayor's Office of Special Events), and always occurs in early June. It features the three days of performances by top-tier blues musicians, both old favorites and the up-and-coming. Each year the organizers choose a theme, generally to honor a recently departed blues musicians and tribute them by singing the same songs. This music fest is known as the world’s largest free concert where thousands of people collect to enjoy the covers song by different singers. So take this quiz and know more about the Chicago Blues Festival.

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1. Who is known as the father of Chicago Blues Festival?

95846 Lois Weisberg
95847 McKinley Morganfield
95848 Alex Dixon
95849 Morgan Hymer

2. Chicago Blues Festival was started in which year?

95850 1952
95851 1968
95852 1984
95853 1992

3. Chicago Blues Festival is celebrated in which month?

95854 April
95855 May
95856 July
95857 June

4. Till how many days the Chicago Blues festival last?

95858 6 days
95859 5 days
95860 4 days
95861 3 days

5. The music fest Chicago Blues was celebrated in which amphitheater of Grant Park?

95862 Petrillo Music Shell
95863 Arles Amphitheatre
95864 Outdoor amphitheatre
95865 The Chicago theatre

6. Chicago Blues Festival occurs in which park?

95866 Lincoln Park
95867 Millennium Park
95868 Grant Park
95869 Jackson Park

7. 36th Chicago Blues Festival occurred in which year?

95870 2017
95871 2016
95872 2018
95873 2019

8. In 2019 the Chicago Blues Festival occurred in which dates?

95874 4th to 6th June
95875 5th to 7th June
95876 7th to 9th June
95877 6th to 8th June

9. The Chicago Blues Festival is hosted by which organization?

95878 The NGO of Chicago
95879 Department of cultural Affairs and special events
95880 The central government in power
95881 Through donation of renowned personalities

10. Chicago Blues Festival music is mainly based on what kind of music?

95882 Heavy bass music
95883 Contemporary music
95884 Rock
95885 Hip hop

11. Which Blues band were the headliners of the Chicago Blues festival in 2019?

95886 ZZ Top
95887 The rolling stones
95888 Jimmy Johnson
95889 Canned Heat
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