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Check Your Knowledge About Neurons! How Much You Know About Neurons Quiz

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The neuron is the structural and functional unit of the nervous system. These are specialized excitable cells of the body capable of transmitting for conducting excitation along their membrane. They also receive stimuli and transfer them from one to another neuron. A typical neuron consists of a cell body and processes as a dendrite and axon that terminate into knob or button. Dendrites carry impulses towards the cyton and the action is specialized as fibers that conduct the impulse away from cyton. So take the Neurons quiz and know more about neurons.

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1. Which one of the following is the longest cell of the human body?

41823 Skeletal muscle fiber
41824 Nerve fiber
41825 Smooth muscle fiber
41826 Glial cell

2. The process of transmission of nerve impulse in invertebrate is.....

41827 Chemical
41828 Physical
41829 Physico-chemical
41830 Physico electrical

3. The membrane of the nerve fiber with a positive charge on the outer side and negative on the inner side is said to be .....

41831 Resting
41832 Polarized
41833 Excited
41834 Depolarized

4. The major part of the energy produced in a neurone is used for.....

41835 Conduction of impulse
41836 Cellular metabolism
41837 Integration of impulse
41838 Maintenance of membrane potential

5. Serotonin is derived from.........

41839 Tyrosine
41840 Tryptophan
41841 Glycine
41842 Phenyl alanine

6. Nerve impulse leaves the neuron through......

41843 Dendrite
41844 Axon
41845 Cell body
41846 Nissle bodies

7. In non-chordates, the definition of nerve impulse is.......

41847 Faster than chordates
41848 Slower than chordates
41849 Same as in chordates
41850 Varies from time to time

8. Medullated nerve fibers are surrounded by.......

41851 Gland cells
41852 Glial cells
41853 Neurotransmitter cells
41854 Schwann cells

9. When the nerve is stimulated by the additive effect of many sub-threshold values it is called......

41855 Action potential
41856 Summation
41857 Refraction
41858 Recovery period

10. Myelin sheath is meant for......

41859 Mechanical support
41860 Insulating the neuron
41861 Preventing the loss of energy during conduction
41862 All of the above

11. The velocity of an action potential depends upon........

41863 Diameter of nerve fiber
41864 Nature of nerve fiber
41865 Length of nerve fiber
41866 All of the above

12. Neurotransmitter receptors are present in.........

41867 Pre synaptic membrane
41868 Synaptic cleft
41869 Post synaptic membrane
41870 Synaptic knob

13. Which part of the neuron performs protein synthesis?

41871 Cyton
41872 Axon
41873 Axolemma
41874 Synaptic region
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