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Check Your Knowledge About Enzyme! How Much You Know About Enzyme?

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Enzymes are colloidal proteins having catalytic properties. Buchner was awarded Nobel Prize for isolating enzyme zymase from yeast. Sumner catalyzes the first enzyme urease from jack beans. Some similarities between enzyme and catalyst -both remain unchanged during the reaction, both are required in minute quantity, both do not initiate any reaction, both are short-lived compounds and both lower the activation energy. Some differences between enzyme and catalyst- enzymes are protein in nature whereas catalyst is minerals, enzymes catalyzed specific reaction whereas catalysts catalyze a large number of reactions, enzymes are very sensitive to PH and temperature whereas categories are less sensitive to PH and temperature. So take this quiz on enzyme and increase your knowledge about it.

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1. Who coined the term enzymes?

40743 Kuhne
40744 Sumner
40745 Altman
40746 Buchner

2. Which one of the following physiological active, functional proteins?

40747 Vitamin
40748 Collagen
40749 Ossein
40750 Enzymes

3. Enzyme bromelain is found in...

40751 Papaya
40752 Pineapple
40753 Guava
40754 Apple

4. If enzyme catalyzes only specific reaction they are said to be...

40755 Absolute substrate specific
40756 Absolute reaction specific
40757 Absolute group specific
40758 Absolute chemical specific

5. The turnover number actually determines the effect of the enzyme on...

40759 Denaturation rate
40760 Reaction rate
40761 Renaturation rate
40762 None of the above

6. No cell can live without...

40763 Fats
40764 Proteins
40765 Enzymes
40766 Pigments

7. Many enzymes are secreted in an inactive form to protect...

40767 Cell DNA
40768 Mitochondria
40769 Cell membrane
40770 Cell protein

8. Lock and key hypothesis put forward by...

40771 Koshland
40772 Kuhne
40773 Sumner
40774 Emil Fischer

9. The enzyme exists in the cells as...

40775 Solid
40776 Crystals
40777 Colloid
40778 Solution

10. Which are not a trait of enzymes?

40779 Proteinaceous nature
40780 Specific in nature
40781 Speed up of biochemical reaction
40782 Used up in reaction

11. Enzyme functional in cells are called...

40783 Endoenzymes
40784 Apoenzymes
40785 Exoenzymes
40786 Coenzymes

12. Nomenclature of the enzyme consists of...

40787 Only reaction name
40788 Only product name
40789 First product then reaction name
40790 First reaction and then product name
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