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Capillarity and Capillary Tube Trivia Quiz

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1. Surface tension depends mainly upon the ______________ between the particles.

46802 Forces of Attraction
46803 Force of Distraction
46804 Equal Force
46805 All of the above

2. Which is the property of a liquid due to which its free surface tries to have a minimum surface area?

46806 Viscosity
46807 Surface tension
46808 Thermal effect
46809 Atomic Bond effect

3. Which is the SI unit of capillarity?

46810 N/m2
46811 J/m2
46812 M/se
46813 J/s2

4. Which are the factors affect the Surface Tension?

46814 Due to Capillarity
46815 Nature of Liquid
46816 Due to Surface
46817 All of the above

5. Surface tension is known as..............

46818 Scalar quantity
46819 Vector quantity
46820 Both of above
46821 None of these

6. Small liquid drop is in spherical shape due to what reason?

46822 Due to low viscosity
46823 Due to thermal effect
46824 Due to surface tension
46825 Due to nature of liquid

7. Which is the reason for decreasing the selfish tension of liquid?

46826 Degrees the liquid temperature
46827 Increasing the liquid temperature
46828 Remains the same
46829 None of these

8. Which is the shape of the meniscus when the contact angle is bigger than 90°?

46830 Flat shape
46831 Convex shape
46832 Triangle shape
46833 Full circle shape

9. When the liquid is not able to wet the solid, what will be the normal value of the angle of contact?

46834 Zero
46835 Actual
46836 Abtuse
46837 All of above

10. Which is the difference of pressure between two sides of the liquid surface know as?

46838 Surface pressure
46839 Liquid tension
46840 Excess pressure
46841 Atmospheric pressure

11. Which statement satisfied with the relationship between excess pressure and the radius of the bubble?

46842 Directly proportional to each other
46843 Inversely proportional to each other
46844 Both are equal in value
46845 None of the above

12. A _____________ is the unit of surface tension of liquid in C.G.S system?

46846 dyne/cm
46847 erg/cm
46848 N/cm
46849 J/cm
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