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Quiz: California Consumer Privacy Act Trivia Test

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The California Consumer Privacy Act was passed in California, the first such type of privacy law.The law went into effect 1 January 2020, which empowers California to regulate the use of data by companies. These controls include the right to access the data, the right to inquires about the data when the data is removed, and the right to stop its sale to third parties. Significantly, due to the global nature of the Internet, this change will affect users all over the world. This law empowers consumers to take back control over their information from large companies. Let's take an awesome trivia quiz about California Consumer Privacy Act.

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1. Which are the rights of users to know under CCPA law?

52530 Personal information do collect by companies
52531 Where is personal data sell by company
52532 Both of the above
52533 None of these

2. The CCPA law only applies to businesses with gross annual revenues in excess of _______ million.

52534 ¥ 25 million
52535 ₹ 25 million
52536 £ 25 million
52537 $ 25 million

3. How many consumers in California do CCPA laws apply to businesses buying, acquiring or selling personal information?

52538 50,00 Consumers
52539 50,000 Consumers
52540 50,0000 Consumers
52541 50,00000 Consumers

4. If it were a country, California would be the _______________ economy in the world.

52542 Fifth-largest
52543 Tenth-largest
52544 Sixth-largest
52545 Third-largest

5. The CCPA law does not apply only to companies that operate in the ...........

52546 Country
52547 State
52548 Center
52549 All of the above

6. What is the penalty for unintentionally violating CCPA law?

52550 $ 2,50
52551 $ 2,500
52552 $25,000
52553 $250,000

7. Deliberate violation of CCPA law will attract a fine of _____________$.

52554 $7,500
52555 $8,500
52556 $7,50
52557 $7,50

8. Consumers may find a which new option on CCPA websites.?

52558 Don't Sell My Personal Information
52559 Don't Sell My Personal properties
52560 Don't Sell My Personal Car
52561 All of the above

9. Google launched the ____________ to prevent Google Analytics from collecting data.

52562 Chrome extension
52563 Chrome security
52564 Chrome prevention
52565 None of these

10. Who will this California law work like for the world?

52566 Invention
52567 Innovation
52568 Implementation
52569 Intention

11. California's economy, with a gross state product of $____________ trillion.

52570 $1.0 trillion
52571 $2.0 trillion
52572 $3.0 trillion
52573 $5.0 trillion

12. What is the consumer population of California according to 2018?

52574 1.96 crores
52575 2.96 crores
52576 5.96 crores
52577 3.96 crores
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