Armie Hammer Quiz: How Well Do You Know About Armie Hammer?

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Armie Hammer is an American actor. He comes from a business family and is the great-grandson of oil tycoon Armand Hammer. Armie started his career having guest appearances in several television series but rose to fame after his roles in The Social network. Try this Armie Hammer trivia quiz for more insights and mark the highest score!

Questions Excerpt

1. What is Armie Hammer's actual first name?

A. Andrew

B. William

C. Armand

D. Marchand

2. In 2006, which of the movies below was Armie Hammer's first feature film?

A. The Last Hurrah

B. Flicka

C. Gossip Girl

D. Reaper

3. Armie Hammer spent five years of his youth living on what island group in the Caribbean Sea?

A. Cayman Islands

B. The Bahamas

C. Turks and Caicos

D. Virgin Islands

4. What storied Western hero did Armie Hammer play on the big screen in 2013?

A. Buffalo Bill Cody

B. Bat Masterson

C. The Lone Ranger

D. Option Wyatt Earp

5. What is the Zodiac sign of Gina Carano?

A. Pisces

B. Aries

C. Virgo

D. Leo

6. What’s Armie Hammer’s birth date?

A. 28 September

B. 28 March

C. 28 June

D. 28 August

7. In 2008 Armie Hammer starred in a biographical film about what well-known religious leader?

A. Rev. Jerry Falwell

B. Rev. Billy Graham

C. Rev. Billy Sunday

D. Rev. Jim Bakker

8. Why did the football coach get rid of Armie Hammer's character (Kurt) on an episode of "Veronica Mars"?

A. He used steroids. He lo

B. He lost his play book.

C. He missed curfew too often.

D. He was caught cheating on an exam.

9. Armie Hammer was on the "Distant Past" episode of "Desperate Housewives". What was his character noted for on that show?

A. A Drug Pusher

B. An Unscrupulous Gigolo

C. A Private Masseur

D. A Manny

10. Armie Hammer spent a night in lock-up after a routine police check. Which of the offenses below landed Armie in jail?

A. Running a Red Light

B. Possession of Marijuana

C. Bumping an Officer

D. Speeding

11. Armie Hammer fought against going into the family business. He wanted to be an actor. Which of the following did he do in an effort to make his dream come true?

A. Quit claim the family business

B. Dropped out of high school

C. Ran away to live with his brother

D. Emancipated himself at 16

12. During an actor’s roundtable with "The Hollywood Reporter", the actors were asked, what IMDB (Internet Movie Database) listing they'd like to delete. Which of his films below did Armie Hammer name?

A. Spring Breakdown

B. J. Edgar

C. Blackout

D. The Birth of a Nation

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