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Quiz: Are You Ready For Your Newborn?

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Questions & Options

1. How does the thought of starting a family make you feel?

98479 Long way off
98480 Just a thought
98481 Mixed Feelings
98482 I am emotionally prepared for it

2. Do watching babies make you happy?

98495 Rarely
98496 Somewhat
98497 Often
98498 Very Often

3. Do you have an understanding partner?

98511 Yes
98512 Somewhat
98513 Never
98514 Unsure

4. Do you have an understanding of family?

98535 No
98536 Yes
98537 Somewhat
98538 Unsure

5. How do you think your life might change after having a baby?

98539 I reckon it will be joyful
98540 It will be pretty good
98541 I worry I will lose everything
98542 The life will be beautiful for us as a couple

6. Do you think your partner might change after having a baby?

98543 Not sure
98544 Yes
98545 Somewhat
98546 Not really

7. How will you feel when you come to know you are pregnant or your partner is pregnant?

98547 Excited
98548 Apprehensive but happy
98549 Stressed
98550 Quite scared

8. What are your thoughts when someone talks to you of starting a new family?

98551 I get excuses
98552 Ignore
98553 Kind of confused
98554 Agree with them

9. What will be the main reason for you to start a new family?

98555 My family and friends expect this
98556 Getting a new lease of life
98557 It is the next logical step
98558 Me and my partner want this

10. With whom would you like to share your thoughts or solve your doubts about starting a new family?

98559 Friend
98560 Google
98561 Family
98562 I keep that to myself

11. What role will you and your partner have in looking after your child?

98563 It's too soon to think about that
98564 We have different views
98565 Both will do the work equally
98566 We will clear prior who will do what

12. How have you thought of managing the financial stress of a child?

98567 We'll both work equally
98568 Money is a source of tension for us
98569 We have some savings
98570 We have already made our budget
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