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Quiz: Are You Headed For A Divorce?

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1. Does your partner still attracted toward you?

7611 No, not at all
7612 It depends on his/her mood
7613 Yes, always
7614 Sometimes when he/she in good mood

2. Do you still like cuddle to your partner?

7615 No
7616 Not really
7617 Yes, I loved it
7618 Yes

3. Do you still go for outing?

7619 No
7620 Yes, but rarely
7621 Yes, in every weekend
7622 Sometime

4. Do you feel comfortable when you share your bed with your partner?

7623 Yes, very comfortable
7624 Not really
7625 Not anymore
7626 No, not at all

5. In a day how many times both of you call each other?

7627 No call
7628 3-4 times
7629 When you got time
7630 Once in a day

6. What is the most common reason of your fight?

7631 Money
7632 Time
7633 Care
7634 No common reason

7. Do you still go in function of your partner’s relatives?

7635 No, you don’t like your partner’s relative
7636 Yes, always
7637 Most of the time
7638 Sometimes

8. Does your partner slap you in any fight?

7639 Yes
7640 No
7641 Sometimes
7642 It happens only once

9. Do you think that marriage is the biggest mistake of your life?

7643 Yes, most of the time
7644 Not really
7645 Yes, when he/she become irritative
7646 Yes, but not all the time

10. Do you feel that you still love your partner?

7647 Not anymore
7648 Of course, yes
7649 Yes
7650 No
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