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When To Get A Divorce Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. When you think about your future, is your companion in it?

21466 Totally
21467 Possibly
21468 Not certain
21469 Certainly not

2. You have quite recently been advanced at work. Who do you advise to first?

21470 My life partner
21471 My youngsters
21472 My closest companion
21473 Anybody, however, my life partner

3. How regularly do both of you battle?

21474 Infrequently
21475 Incidentally
21476 Consistently
21477 Every week

4. Have any of you tricked?

21478 No
21479 Simply being a tease
21480 Truly, on more than one occasion
21481 Truly, on different occasions

5. Do you believe you have a satisfying marriage?

21482 Completely
21483 For the most part yes
21484 Not certain
21485 Not in any way

6. What do your family and companions make of your marriage?

21486 Everybody says we are ideal for one another
21487 They value us
21488 They see we have unpleasant occasions
21489 A few people have guided me to separate

7. What do you feel when your mate contacts you?

21490 A rush of delight
21491 Quiet and harmony
21492 Not much
21493 The terrible sort of the shivers

8. It is safe to say that you are two consistently eager to settle?

21494 Indeed, yet it's once in a while vital
21495 Indeed, regardless of whether we don't care for doing it
21496 Seldom
21497 Never

9. Do you have a feeling that your marriage is a positive situation for children rising?

21498 Completely
21499 Generally yes
21500 Not so much
21501 Unquestionably not

10. Did your kids ever request that you separate?

21502 Never
21503 They once asked me what separation is
21504 Two or multiple times
21505 On various occasions
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