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Are You And Your BFF Besties For Life Quiz

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You might have heard about the myth people say "Friends are not forever". But actually, there are friends that stay with us and there are besties for life. There may be some arguments or some misunderstandings between you, but if you guys are true friends, you gotta find ways back to each other. You might initially find it difficult to trust or to finding your true best friend. A true friend always stands by your side, keeps your secrets safe, and will always have your best interests. You might have some idea about who your true friend is but in case you really want to know, here's presenting to you the best friends quiz!

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1. What is the meaning of best friend for you?

83421 Always there to help me no matter what
83422 Answering my calls and messages
83423 Just answering my messages and calls when in mood
83424 Blocking me If I don't answer their calls

2. If your friend asks you out, and you aren't well, what would be their reply?

83425 Won't say anything just be at my place with food and medicines
83426 Will feel sad and suggest me to take rest
83427 Will say okay and won't disturb
83428 Will be angry at you and go with someone else

3. If your friend knows your partner is cheating on you, what will they do?

83429 Will try to tell you once
83430 Maybe will try to tell you the complete situation but if you won't understand they won't pressurise
83431 It doesn't bother them
83432 Just tell you at once to confront them or break the relationship

4. What will your friend do if someone just said bad about you?

83433 Just kill them and won't ever hear a single bad word about you
83434 Would try to defend you sometime
83435 Just tell if they find this true or not
83436 Would be the one saying bad about you

5. What will your friend do if you are not invited to a party but they are?

83437 Would go no matter what!
83438 Will ask you why are you not coming?
83439 Will go but will feel sad for you
83440 Just ask the host why didn't they call you and definitely won't go without me

6. What would your friend do when you have a fight?

83441 Will send a message that they feel sad
83442 Will not have any impact, rather block you
83443 Will feel that they will text you again when in need
83444 Will slap you to be angry and will also apologize for their actions

7. Do you keep secrets with your friends?

83445 Hell no, we share each and everything
83446 A few secrets are hidden
83447 Only important talks are done
83448 yes, they can't be trusted

8. What would your friend do if you are in a tough situation?

83449 Will just drop a message to be okay
83450 Will call you to know that you must be okay and you are there
83451 Will drop at your home with your favorite snacks and gossips
83452 Will not bother even to ask you what happened

9. Have you ever lied to your friend?

83453 Yes, had to do once
83454 They can't be so trusted so yes
83455 Yes, but later told truth
83456 There's no ever need to lie to them we have crystal clear friendship

10. Have you ever thought of leaving your friend?

83457 Never, they are my better half
83458 Once but we settled
83459 No, they are always nice to me
83460 I always wonder why are we friends
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