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Are You A Good Sibling Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. What is the first thing you say your brother/sister after waking up in the morning?

47134 Good Morning
47135 Get up and brush
47136 Yell like hell
47137 Nothing

2. What kind of relationship do you share with your sibling?

47138 We share all pleasantries and sorrows
47139 They fear from me
47140 We don't talk
47141 We don't meet

3. You fight with your brother/sister over:

47142 Watching TV
47143 Eating Pizza
47144 We don't fight
47145 Selecting baseball bat

4. How often do you have a disagreement with your brother or sister?

47146 Never
47147 Often
47148 Rarely
47149 Always

5. How long does your fight continue?

47150 1 day
47151 1 hour
47152 We come together in few seconds
47153 We continue our fight for months

6. Do you help your siblings in studies?

47154 Yes
47155 Sometimes when I get time
47156 Often I make adjustment to my schedule to tutor them
47157 No. I don't teach

7. How do you react to your sibling's impish activities?

47158 I enjoy it
47159 I am annoyed from it
47160 It doesn't affect me
47161 I beat them

8. How many common interests are there between you & your sibling?

47162 None
47163 1 or 2
47164 Everything is common
47165 3-4

9. What do you do if one of your siblings stole your toy?

47166 Scold him/her
47167 Tell your parents
47168 Beat him/her
47169 Steal his/her toy in revenge

10. Do you enjoy when your parents scold your siblings?

47170 No. I feel pity on him/her
47171 Yes. I enjoy
47172 Most often I am a mum audience
47173 Sometimes I feel bad

11. Do you buy gifts for your brother or sister on birthday?

47174 No
47175 Yes
47176 Mostly
47177 I am short of money

12. Do you go for an outing with your siblings?

47178 Yes. We enjoy together
47179 No. We don't go
47180 We sometimes go out
47181 You will often see us together
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