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Quiz: Am I Want To Go Back To School?

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Questions & Options

1. You are:

19466 Optimistic by nature
19467 An enthusiast
19468 An opportunity seeker
19469 Intelligent

2. Can you complete projects on time?

19470 Yes
19471 No, it takes more efforts
19472 Sometimes depending on the situation
19473 Not really

3. Are you still studying or doing a job?

19474 I am a student
19475 Doing a job
19476 My studies were completed
19477 Looking for a job

4. Are you happy with the job or course you are doing right now?

19478 No
19479 Yes
19480 Sort of
19481 I’m not sure

5. Who had the biggest influence in your life?

19482 My family
19483 Friends
19484 My teachers
19485 Hard work and my time

6. What hobby would you get into in your free time?

19486 Doing meditation
19487 Listening to music
19488 Going to my dance classes
19489 Draw some cool stuff

7. What would you do with the extra time?

19490 Playing an instrument
19491 Learn a new skill
19492 Reading books
19493 Gardening

8. What makes you feel accomplished?

19494 Meeting a challenge
19495 Complete the work before meeting a deadline
19496 Making a lot of money
19497 Helping others

9. What is the best thing you do in school life?

19498 Bunk a lot
19499 Playing a lot
19500 Spent the best time in the cafeteria
19501 Studying a lot

10. Do you want to go back to school?

19502 Yes, I want to live my school life again
19503 No
19504 Somewhere, not sure
19505 Don’t know
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