Quiz: Am I Self Destructive?

Questions : 15 | Total Attempts: 317 | Recent Updated: 13-Sep-2022
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If you ever try to harm yourself physically or mentally, or have a tendency to self sabotage yourself at times. Or you think you are beginning to lose your mental stability but have realized it at the right time. Or if you want to just check it as a preventive measure, in all these cases you are welcome to try our carefully curated quiz which will help you find out if you are self destructive or not.

Questions Excerpt

1. Have you ever attempted suicide?

A. Once

B. Twice

C. Multiple times

D. No! Never

2. Have you ever experienced any kind of trauma in the past?

A. Yes, when I was a child

B. Yes, not too long ago

C. Yes, still going through it

D. No, not yet

3. When do you try to hurt yourself?

A. When I feel Angry

B. When I feel Emotional

C. When I feel Depressed

D. Never

4. How many times do you go out to play any sport?

A. Once in a day

B. Once in a week

C. Once in a year

D. Never

5. What would you feel if your friends went out without asking you?

A. I don’t care, it’s their life

B. How selfish are they, I would not talk to them for days

C. Maybe I am not a fun person to hangout with

D. It’s alright maybe they have a reason, we can discuss later

6. How often do you go to parties?

A. I am always the one to attend every party

B. Sometimes

C. Only when my close friends go

D. I don’t like parties

7. What do you do when you are home alone?

A. Watch content online

B. Work on my hobbies

C. Sleep and procrastinate

D. Nothing at all, just overthink about everything

8. Do you miss your past?

A. Always, I had really cool friends back then

B. Yes, I get emotional thinking about it

C. Sometimes but things aren’t changed much

D. No, it’s much better now

9. How would you react if a person you don’t know greets you?

A. Ignore, I am sure he wants something from me

B. Greet back but end the conversation soon

C. Greet back, greeting strangers is quite normal

D. Talk to him openly and compliment him for his friendly nature

10. How would you react if your friend tells you about his/her achievement in school?

A. I don’t care, achievements in schools don’t even matter in future

B. I would congratulate him/her just to make them happy

C. I would ask them how did they achieve that, weren’t they dumb?

D. I would be happy for them, I always knew my friends are the best in every field

11. I am addicted to...

A. Drugs

B. Coffee

C. Something else

D. Nothing

12. Will you go to a person’s birthday party whom you had a fight with but now he invited you especially to his place?

A. No way, I don’t give second chances

B. No, what if it's a trap to fight again

C. Only if my other friends are there

D. Yes, I would give him a second chance, I know he is an honest guy

13. How introverted are you on the scale of 1 to 10?

A. 1 to 3, Not much

B. 4 to 7, Sometimes

C. 7 to 9, A lot

D. 10, I am the most introverted person ever

14. What are you most insecure about?

A. My smile/jawline/nose

B. My body weight

C. My bank balance

D. Nothing

15. What type of food do you eat the most?

A. Sweets

B. Packed fast food

C. Home made

D. Street food

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