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World Anti Doping Agency Trivia Quiz Test! Let's Test Your Knowledge About World Anti Doping Agency

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The World Anti-Doping Society is a world-class independent organization created to curb the growing trend of drugs in international sports. This institution is responsible for increasing scientific research, the development potential of anti-doping, and worldwide anti-doping codes. Keeps an eye on Every year Wada releases a list of banned drugs, which are banned during the Games in all countries of the world. The 21st-century witnesses the evolving role of humans because of the shift from "personnel" to "human resources". This century includes incredible things like globalization, technological change, and tough competition. Some players in competition use ability-enhancing substances or techniques to succeed in competitive sports. Which is illegal, and it has a profound effect on competition. Test your knowledge about the World Anti Doping Agency Quiz.

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1. How many years has the World Anti-Doping Agency suggested to ban Russia at international events including the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

46446 Two year's
46447 Three year's
46448 Four year's
46449 Five year's

2. What is Russia being accused by the World Anti-Doping Agency for the last few years?

46450 Sophisticated doping
46451 Violence of anti doping rule
46452 Both of above
46453 None of these

3. Who banned Russia's participation in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeong Chang, South Korea?

46454 World Anti-Doping Agency
46455 International Olympic Committee
46456 World Health Organization
46457 All of the above

4. International Olympic Committee (IOC). when was set up?

46458 10 November 1969
46459 10 November 1919
46460 10 November 1999
46461 10 November 1909

5. Which is the name of the current president of the World Anti-doping Agency?

46462 Thomas Bach
46463 Sir Craig Collins Reedie
46464 Christopher Greenwood
46465 Witold Bańka

6. Which is the vice president of the World anti-doping agency?

46466 Anniken Hauglie
46467 Ine Marie Eriksen Søreide
46468 Linda Cathrine Hofstad Helleland
46469 None of these

7. The highest decision-making authority in WADA is the _______________member foundation board.

46470 18-member
46471 28-member
46472 48-member
46473 38-member

8. Member of foundation board appointed by whom in WADA?

46474 Agency's president
46475 Agency's vice-president
46476 By UN president
46477 All of the above

9. WADA also accredits around ___________ laboratories to perform the required scientific analysis for doping control.

46478 10 laboratories
46479 20 laboratories
46480 30 laboratories
46481 90 laboratories

10. When was World Anti-Doping Code was implemented by sports organizations?

46482 In 2004
46483 In 1999
46484 In 2018
46485 In 2000

11. The third World Conference on Doping in Sport, to take effect on...

46486 1 January 1999
46487 1 January 2009
46488 1 January 2019
46489 1 January 2016

12. When was the updated code of WADA came into effect?

46490 1 January 2019
46491 1 January 2014
46492 1 January 2015
46493 1 January 1995
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