Quiz: Which Smallville Character Are You?

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Smallville is a series about a fictional town named Smallville that revolves around the story of Clark Kent before he becomes Superman. Clark is seen coming to terms with his extraordinary capabilities while managing a good relationship with his friends and family. He is observed to be involved with the serious political and social issues of the town and the world beyond. He is also seen facing a variety of villains, both human and superhuman. Smallville aired between 2001 and 2011 and has gained massive popularity being a blend of drama, action, romance, humor, and what not. If you wish to know which Small character you are, you're at the right place!

Questions Excerpt

1. Choose your perfect evening:

A. Enjoying a movie at home

B. Going out to a party or club

C. Reading a book

D. An adventure

2. What's your reaction to tough situations?

A. Keeping calm and finding solutions

B. Becoming stressed

C. Seeking help from others

D. Handling things independently

3. What's your greatest fear?

A. Losing loved ones

B. Failure

C. Death

D. Being alone

4. What's your reaction to betrayal?

A. Cutting the person out of your life completely

B. Forgiving and trying to work things out

C. Seeking revenge

D. Pretending it didn't happen

5. What's your greatest strength?

A. Intelligence

B. Loyalty

C. Courage

D. Creativity

6. What motivates you?

A. Success

B. Helping others

C. Personal growth

D. Power and control

7. What's your approach to criticism?

A. Taking it to heart

B. Becoming defensive

C. Ignoring it

D. Brushing it off and moving on

8. What's your favorite hobby?

A. Watching TV or movies

B. Sports

C. Reading or writing

D. Art

9. What's your dream job?

A. Scientist or researcher

B. Athlete or performer

C. Writer or artist

D. Businessperson or leader

10. How do you deal with conflict?

A. Avoiding it

B. Confronting it directly

C. Compromising

D. Allowing someone else to handle it

11. What's your ideal vacation?

A. Relaxing on a beach

B. Exploring a new city

C. Camping

D. Sightseeing

12. What's your biggest flaw?

A. Overthinking

B. Being too impulsive

C. Struggling with commitment

D. Being stubborn

13. What's your favorite type of music?

A. Pop or mainstream

B. Rock or alternative

C. Classical or instrumental

D. Electronic or techno

14. What's your favorite movie genre?

A. Drama or romance

B. Action or adventure

C. Comedy or satire

D. Sci-fi or fantasy


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