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What Type of Blogger Are You Quiz

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Bloggers are ones who write, edit and promote the content on their web pages or websites. Bloggers generate and pitch ideas, compose and edit posts, market posts to readers, and conduct research. Bloggers usually represent their own thoughts in form of written data that can attain the attention of others and also make them correlate with the content and their likes and dislikes, thus it is all concerned post about maintaining the reader's interests in the written content or post.

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1. How much interested you are in reading/writing blogs?

96510 Writing Blog
96511 Read Blog
96512 Only for time pass
96513 Not interested

2. What would you prefer to have your own?

96514 You Tube Channel
96515 Own Talk Show
96516 Cooking Show
96517 Nothing

3. Which place can be counted as your favorite place to go with your friends?

96518 Mountains
96519 Beaches
96520 Woods
96521 Famous Places

4. What sort of books always attain your attention to reading?

96522 Comedy Book
96523 Science Fiction
96524 Mysterious Book
96525 Cooking Book

5. If you are out for the day then what you prefer the most to do?

96526 Taking pictures
96527 Going for ride
96528 Picnic
96529 Fooding

6. Which is the first thing that strikes up in your mind when it is about the party?

96530 Food
96531 Music
96532 Dress
96533 Timing

7. Among following with whom you are most attached too?

96534 Friends
96535 Parents
96536 Partner
96537 Siblings

8. Just describe in a word that mostly runs across your mind and you cannot miss a chance to talk about it?

96538 Politics
96539 Love
96540 Nature
96541 Lives/Culture

9. What according to you is the best way to overcome depression?

96542 Read something motivating
96543 Listen Music
96544 Talk to one with whom we can share everything
96545 Go for puting and try to change the environment

10. What you are good to handle during the parties?

96546 Music
96547 Food
96548 Decorations
96549 Guests
Let’s start the quiz

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