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Quiz: What Metabolic Type Do You Have?

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Are you aware of your metabolism type? Do you think you have a good metabolism or you need to work on improving the same? Are you also struggling with some problems of metabolism? We here present to you a very interesting quiz that will tell you about your metabolism type? You might be thinking that you have a perfect metabolism, but there are some odds of a situation that is against you. If you are confused about your healthy life, then for all the health lovers try out this quiz and put an end to your confusion and get a healthy life!!

Let’s start the quiz

1. Which type of food do you prefer?

111278 Salty
111279 Sweet
111280 Mix of both
111281 A little more salty than sweet

2. What describes your appetite the best?

111282 Weak
111283 Strong
111284 Weaker than average
111285 Somewhere in the middle

3. How often do you experience fatigue?

111286 Rarely
111287 Somewhat
111288 Often
111289 Very Often

4. How often do you think you are anxious?

111290 Very Often
111291 Rarely
111292 Somewhat
111293 Often

5. On a scale of 1-10, how ambitious you are?

111294 9
111295 4
111296 1
111297 10

6. How often are you dependent on caffeine?

111298 Often
111299 Somewhat
111300 Very Often
111301 Rarely

7. DO you struggle with weight issues?

111302 Yes
111303 No
111304 Not really
111305 From time to time

8. How often are you outgoing?

111306 Somewhat
111307 Rarely
111308 Very Often
111309 Often

9. Are you a talkative person?

111310 Yes
111311 Not at all
111312 Somewhere in the middle
111313 Depends on my mood

10. How much organized are you?

111314 Very Organized
111315 Very Disorganized
111316 Somewhere in the middle
111317 I'[m a mess

11. How often do you crash in the middle of the day?

111318 Very often
111319 Often
111320 Somewhat
111321 Rarely

12. How often do you eat junk food?

111322 Somewhat
111323 Rarely
111324 Often
111325 Very often
Let’s start the quiz

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