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What Lightsaber Color Would I Have Quiz

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Swords are the most authentic thing for any person. Obviously, without power are life would definitely not be the same as it is for now. Well, there are anyways several types of swords that we all know about. But shades vary too! lightsaber color swords that are basically swords defining power. It is generally used to cut through blasts and break doors. Have you ever thought about which color might fit you the best? Try out this very interesting and amazing quiz and see which color suits you and your personality the best!!

Let’s start the quiz

1. How will you help your friend in the battle when you are a commander?

128609 Drop everything and rush to them
128610 Task troopers to get your friend
128611 Reassure them and continue with your battle
128612 Ignore them

2. Choose your fighting style?

128613 Defensive
128614 Attacking
128615 Intutive
128616 Vicious

3. What is your biggest weakness?

128617 Inability to improvise
128618 Too much personal loyalty
128619 Too emotional
128620 Lack of patience

4. How will people describe you?

128621 Resourceful
128622 Adventurous
128623 Constructive
128624 Hilarious

5. What will you do when you know you are consumed by the dark side?

128625 Leave for Jedi order
128626 Close yourself off from force
128627 Push it down and control it
128628 Dark side is fun

6. What is your favorite color?

128629 Green
128630 Purple
128631 Blue
128632 Red

7. What qualities would you like to have in your friend?

128633 Enthusiasm
128634 Similar ideals
128635 Kindness
128636 Excitement

8. What will you do?

128637 Be a general in the clone wars
128638 Teach a padawan
128639 Be the leader of an entire planet
128640 Search for important Jedi

9. What will you subscribe to?

128641 Jedi order
128642 Grey
128643 Sith
128644 All of the above

10. What will be your focus?

128645 Saber abilities
128646 Force abilities
128647 Tech abilities
128648 Well rounded

11. How will your primary goal in dealing with conflicts?

128649 Victory
128650 Ensure justice
128651 Protect others
128652 I prefer to avoid conflicts
Let’s start the quiz

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