Quiz: What Lego Ninjago Character Are You?

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The Lego Ninjago movie is a 2017 computer-animated comedy film based on the Lego Construction Toys. It was directed by Charlie Bean and produced by Warner Bros. Pictures, RatPac-Dune Entertainment, Lin Pictures, Lord Miller Productions, Vertigo Entertainment, and Animal Logic. It was released on 16 September 2017 in Regency Village Theater, September 21, 2017, in Denmark, and September 22, 2017, in the United States. The story revolves around a young boy who meets the mysterious owner of a relic shop, Mr.Liu who tells him a story of Ninjago, a city within the LEGO universe. The residents of Ninjago despise Lloyd as he is the son of the evil Lord Garmadon. However, they don’t know that Lloyd and a team of ninjas are trying to defeat him. The movie stars Dave Franco as Lloyd Garmadon, Michael Pena as Kai, Fred Armisen as Cole, Kumail Nanjiani as Jay, Zatch Woods as Zane, Abbi Jacobson as Nya, Jackie Chan as Master Wu, Justin Theroux as Lord Garmadon, Olivia Munn as Koko, Randall Park, and Retta as Chen and Maggie, Constance Wu as the Mayor of Ninjago and many more.

Questions Excerpt

1. What is your favorite color?

A. Blue

B. White

C. Black

D. Red

2. At which age, do you want to spend more life?

A. Thousands of years

B. Hundreds of years

C. Pre-teens

D. Teens

3. Who is your favorite character from Lego Ninjago?

A. Lord Garmadon

B. Jay Walker

C. Master Wu

D. Lloyd Garmadon

4. Pick up an outfit...

A. Black Kimono

B. Jumpsuit

C. White robes and pants

D. Harem pants

5. Choose a vehicle from Lord Garmadon’s collection...

A. Mechs

B. Tanks

C. Boats

D. None of the above

6. Choose a vehicle from Jay Walker’s collection...

A. Bikes

B. Cars

C. Wisp

D. Jets

7. If you would choose eye color, which color would it be?

A. Red

B. Green

C. Yellow

D. White

8. Choose a weapon from Lloyd’s collection...

A. Harpoon gun

B. Golden sword

C. Dao

D. Robo-arm

9. If you would be Master Wu, then who would be your favorite student?

A. Morro

B. Cole

C. Jay Walker

D. Lloyd

10. Choose a weapon from Master Wu’s collection...

A. Sacred Flute

B. Chain Rifle

C. Trident

D. Dragonbone Blade

11. What are you good at?

A. Talking

B. Combat

C. Sewing

D. Video games

12. Which species would you fit yourself in?

A. Serpentine

B. Dragon

C. Octopus

D. Puppet

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