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Quiz: What Kind of Story Would You Fit Best In?

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Questions & Options

1. Who should be the real hero of the story?

55050 Me
55051 Director
55052 My partner
55053 Story writer

2. What kind of story do you think you are best fit for?

55054 Action-packed
55055 Comedy
55056 Romance
55057 Biblical

3. Do you think you are the right person for the story?

55058 Yes of course I am
55059 Rather sometimes but not precisely
55060 I do not think so
55061 Not sure what to say

4. What kind of story fascinates you?

55062 Family-oriented
55063 Period drama
55064 Love stories
55065 Almost anything

5. Would you be given a leading role in the story?

55066 No not at all
55067 Yes, I am the lead actor
55068 I think so
55069 I am not sure about it

6. Will your story be successful?

55070 It would be super hit
55071 It will recover the production cost at least
55072 I do not think so
55073 It will be partial success

7. What is the moral of the story?

55074 We should respect everyone irrespective of his or her status
55075 We should ill-treat others
55076 We should be greedy and over-possessive
55077 We should be grounded and down to earth

8. Do you think the story will give you more opportunities?

55078 Yes, I think so
55079 It will enhance my status
55080 No, I do not think so
55081 Can’t say anything about it

9. Would you like to share the story with your peers?

55082 Yes of course.
55083 Rather sometimes but not always
55084 Rarely and hesitatingly
55085 I do not like to share with others

10. Is the story bad for you?

55086 Yes, I do believe
55087 No, the story gives me satisfaction
55088 It hardly makes any difference
55089 It is worth not mentioning the bad aspect of the story
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