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What is Your Romance IQ Quiz

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A famous psychologist William Stern coined the term IQ (intelligent quotient). The psychologist uses this term for presenting the cognitive ability of a person. After sometime psychologist use the term emotional intelligence and try to know the emotional stability of the person. Result of emotional intelligence is taking places on the basis of traits and habits of the person. There is no exact theory about romance IQ but it is quite similar to emotional intelligence. After playing this quiz you have some idea about your romance IQ. So play this quiz and enjoy it.

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1. Do you feel that your partner is beautiful?

2672 Yes, i always see my partner beautiful and charming
2673 Yes but not all the time
2674 Sometime when he/she go for any outing
2675 I don't feel it because i am bored with him/her

2. According to you which situation is romantic?

2676 Everyday When you kiss your partner
2677 Going for trip
2678 Going for date
2679 Doing sex

3. Do you believe in true love?

2680 Yes of course
2681 My love is true love
2682 Sometime when i saw some old couple
2683 No

4. What kind of relationship do you want to establish with your partner?

2684 Lifelong relationship with good bond
2685 Long relationship
2686 Short time relationship
2687 One night stand kind relationship

5. According to your choice which location is best for your first date?

2688 On beach
2689 In restaurant
2690 In house
2691 In a big hotel

6. Choose one gift for your partner…

2692 You precious time
2693 Beautiful flower
2694 Coupon of trip
2695 Diamond jewellery

7. What kind of movie do you like to watch with your partner?

2696 Romantic movie
2697 Comedy movie
2698 Action movie
2699 Horror movie

8. When you get the news that friend is engaged then what's your reaction on it?

2700 You feel very good for your friend
2701 You surprised
2702 You feel jealous
2703 You don't give any reaction

9. Would you like to marry your dating partner?

2704 Yes, i am very excited for it
2705 Yes i am ready for it
2706 I am not sure
2707 Never

10. Which Hollywood couple is your favorite?

2708 Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher
2709 Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo
2710 Shakira and Gerard Pique
2711 Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston

11. What kind of kiss do you like most?

2712 Forehead kiss
2713 Eskimo kiss
2714 Cheek kiss
2715 French kiss

12. What is your viewpoint on valentine day?

2716 I don't celebrate it because only one day is not fixed for love
2717 It is good
2718 I like to celebrate it
2719 I love it because on this day you get expensive gift
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