What Fish Am I Quiz

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Am I a Dominant or Submissive Personality Quiz
Fish are mostly sociable, have personalities, and are leaders and followers as per our research done. Few fish don't have emotions but are socialized and friendly with everyone. Fish are sensitive, good-natured, curious, friendly, and fascinating. Fish are beautiful in appearance and are always sensitive and loved by all. Fish are enthusiastic, romantic, and lovable. They are primarily proactive and reactive.

Questions Excerpt

1. What category are you characterized by your friends?

A. Mean

B. Helpful

C. Unpredictable

D. Friendly

2. What is the range of your friend circle?

A. Lonely

B. Ton of friends

C. Limited friends

D. Social media friends

3. What is your personality trait?

A. Dependent

B. Brave

C. Self-made

D. Self Conscious

4. You are judged by whom among the following?

A. Friends

B. Family

C. Colleague

D. No comments

5. How do you prefer to work?

A. In group

B. Alone

C. With senior when required

D. With selected people only

6. How do you enjoy with people around you?

A. Try to make everyone laugh

B. Go for outing

C. Gossip

D. Discuss on important topics

7. What is your family type?

A. Joint Family

B. Nuclear Family

C. All relative live nearby

D. Live alone

8. What your talent is about?

A. Dancing

B. Singing

C. Acting

D. Nothing

9. What type of personality quality do you have?

A. Leadership

B. Follower

C. Preacher

D. Inspirational

10. What sort of friends group do you prefer?

A. Large group

B. Small group

C. Only selected friends

D. Try to be alone

11. What type of places do you like to be?

A. Sea side

B. Mountain areas

C. Plain areas

D. Nowhere

12. What type of event do you like most?

A. Classic Musical event

B. Live concerts

C. Comedian

D. Don't like concerts at all


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