What Are You Passionate About Quiz

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Hobbies relax you more than anything else. Have you ever thought about your passion? Some are passionate about making money whereas others are desirous of pursuing their hobby. They may find love in nature, reading, cooking, baking, or with kids. So if you’re the one of a kind who is not aware of what you’re passionate about then this quiz is for you.

Questions Excerpt

1. Would you want to do more with your free time?

A. Yes, I do love to get engaged in some activities rather than sitting blank

B. No, I don’t want to be a workaholic throughout the day

C. Sometimes I love indulging in some work while other time I love to be free

D. I love to keep myself busy in some activities around the day.

2. Do you love dancing and singing in your spare time?

A. Yes, I love both

B. No, I don’t like dancing and singing, it’s a waste of time

C. I love dancing only as it’s a form of exercise that helps to keep me fit and active all-day

D. I love singing as it’s the best thing to do to release stress and tension

3. Do you like gardening as your hobby?

A. Yes, I love to be around nature

B. Yes, I like plants and greenery so do I love to grow them at my home in spare time

C. I love greenery and nature but don’t have space at home to do plantation

D. No, I don’t like gardening as my hobby

4. Do you love watching Cartoons and Anime movies?

A. Yes, I love watching cartoons as it releases my stress and tension

B. Yes, it keeps my mood fresh

C. No, I don’t like it as they are for children and kids

D. I love watching it in my spare time

5. Are you an avid reader?

A. Yes, I am fond of reading romantic novels

B. Yes, I love to read autobiographies and motivational books

C. I love reading magazines as it helps me to get updates about trendings

D. No, I don’t like reading

6. Are you fond of cooking and trying new dishes?

A. Yes, I like to cook continental and Thai dishes

B. Yes, I like to cook and experiment new dishes and learn by watching youtube videos

C. No, I don’t like cooking

D. Yes, I cook new dishes in my free time

7. Are you good in home management and decoration?

A. Yes, I have dire interest in learning the tips of home furnishing and décor as it helps me to furnish my own home

B. I love to keep my home neat and tidy and everything at its proper place

C. I like to decorate my home time and again as per the latest trends

D. I am short of time to learn new skills

8. Do you like Gyming and doing Yoga?

A. Yes, I like to do a workout each day to stay healthy and fit

B. I like yoga better than the gym as you can stay at home and do it anywhere

C. I love both yoga and Gyming

D. I desire to maintain my figure but I am lazy too

9. Do you love playing with kids?

A. Yes, I love to spend time with kids

B. Yes, I love playing with them as it releases my stress and tension

C. No, I don’t like kids as it's difficult to handle them

D. Yes, I like kids above 2 years of age

10. How do you feel when you do the work you’re passionate about?

A. I think like being on cloud nine

B. No words to say, I become speechless

C. I feel satisfied

D. I really feel good while doing so

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