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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About Thermodynamics Branch of Physics

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1. Who is the father of thermodynamics?

23602 Nicolas Leonard Sadi Carnot
23603 Rudolf Clausius
23604 Robert Hook
23605 Morgan

2. Who discovered the third law of thermodynamics?

23606 Walther Nernst
23607 Rudolf Clausius
23608 William Thomson
23609 None of the above

3. If two bodies A and B are separately in thermal equilibrium with the third body C then A and B will be in thermal equilibrium with each other, it is called.......

23610 First law of thermodynamics
23611 Second law of thermodynamics
23612 Zeroth law of thermodynamics
23613 None of the above

4. Who discovered the first law of thermodynamics?

23614 Sadi Carnot
23615 Rudolf Clausius and William Thomson
23616 Walther Nernst
23617 None of the above

5. The amount of heat given to a system used up in two ways, first to increase the internal energy and second to external work, it is called...

23618 Cyclic process
23619 Second law of thermodynamics
23620 Zeroth law of thermodynamics
23621 First law of thermodynamics

6. Which device converts heat into mechanical work?

23622 Heat Engine
23623 Refrigerator
23624 Both of them
23625 None of them

7. Which law of thermodynamics is one form of law of conservation of energy?

23626 Second
23627 Zeroth
23628 First
23629 None of the Above

8. For the isothermal process, which law is followed?

23630 Wien's law
23631 Newton's law
23632 Boyle's law
23633 Poisson's law

9. For the adiabatic process, which law is followed?

23634 Poisson's law
23635 Boyle's law
23636 Wien's law
23637 Stefan's law

10. If during a process in a system, volume remains constant, then the process is called......

23638 Isothermal Process
23639 Adiabatic process
23640 Isochoric process
23641 Isobaric process
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