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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Marilyn Monroe! How Much You Know About Marilyn Monroe American Actress, Model, And Singer

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Marilyn Monroe, you all must have heard of the name very often. She was a very common name and a very famous ace of the Hollywood industry. During her time, she gained enough popularity and became an inspiration for every woman out there. She was a very famous and a very talented Hollywood actress. She belongs from America, and her fans are gathered all around the world and are not just limited to America. Let us now have a look at the amazing and the interesting trivia quiz and see how much you actually know about the beauty queen of her time and the marvelous actress and an inspirational woman, Marilyn Monroe!

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1. What is the birthdate of Marilyn Monroe?

35075 12 August 1934
35076 6 February 1912
35077 1 June 1926
35078 24 December 1976

2. What was the favorite color of Marilyn Monroe?

35079 Pink
35080 Black
35081 Dark Blue
35082 Lime

3. What was the lucky number of Marilyn Monroe?

35083 12
35084 10
35085 3
35086 1

4. When did Marilyn Monroe die?

35087 5 August 1962
35088 21 December 1970
35089 8 October 1965
35090 18 January 1967

5. How did Marilyn Monroe die?

35091 Assassination
35092 Heart Attack
35093 Barbiturate overdose
35094 Drug Overdose

6. What characters was Marilyn Monroe famous for?

35095 Blonde bombshell
35096 Funny
35097 Stuntwoman
35098 Romantic

7. What was Marilyn Monroe was known as in the early 1950s?

35099 Action Girl
35100 Romantic
35101 Beauty with brain
35102 Sex symbol

8. What was the favorite food of Marilyn Monroe?

35103 Continental
35104 Diet
35105 Fruits
35106 Casual Fasting

9. What is the height of Marilyn Monroe?

35107 1.56 meters
35108 1.76 meters
35109 1.66 meters
35110 1.80 meters

10. Who was the last spouse of Marilyn Monroe?

35111 Arthur Miller
35112 Kaynes
35113 Robert Frost
35114 Jay Williams

11. What was Marilyn Monroe's age when she died?

35115 37
35116 36
35117 35
35118 34

12. What was the original name of Marilyn Monroe?

35119 Norma Jeane Mortenson
35120 Catherine Williamson
35121 Emilia Robert Frost
35122 None of the above

13. What is the brother's name of Marilyn Monroe?

35123 Robert Kermitt Baker
35124 Williamson West
35125 Kaynes
35126 Micheal Cruise

14. What is the sister's name of Marilyn Monroe?

35127 Ehens
35128 Camerine
35129 Lisa
35130 Berneice

15. What ethnicity did Marilyn Monroe had?

35131 Australian
35132 American
35133 Canadian
35134 Spanish
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