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Ultimate Trivia Quiz on Linkage Groups

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Genes in a particular group have their alleles in their corresponding homologous chromosomes. Appear of homologous chromosomes form a single linkage group. Therefore, the number of linkage groups present in an individual always corresponds with the number of chromosomes in its genome. It is known as the principle of limitation of the linkage group. So take this quiz and increase your knowledge about linkage groups.

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1. How many linkage groups are present in Homo sapiens?

49110 23
49111 46
49112 48
49113 50

2. Zea Mays have ........... Linkage groups?

49114 10
49115 30
49116 40
49117 50

3. Prokaryotes have......... Linkage group

49118 Four
49119 Three
49120 Two
49121 One

4. How many linkage groups are present in male bacteria /donor bacteria?

49122 1
49123 2
49124 3
49125 4

5. Linkage is straightened with.....

49126 Height of individual
49127 Body of individual
49128 Age of individual
49129 All of these

6. Linkage is decreased with exposure of chromosome to ............. And high temperature.

49130 Alpha rays
49131 UV rays
49132 Beta rays
49133 X-rays

7. How many linkage groups drosophila have?

49134 2
49135 3
49136 4
49137 5

8. Male bacteria have two linkage groups one in nucleoid and another one in.......

49138 Gene
49139 Plasmid
49140 Protein
49141 All of these

9. How many linkage groups are present in pisum sativum?

49142 4
49143 5
49144 6
49145 7
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