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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Howard Stern

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You must have heard of several personalities of media that have ruled and are now also ruling the hearts of the people. One such personality that we all know very well is Howard Stern, who is a very influential and a very amazing television personality. His work is appreciated by almost every other person and his fan following has been largely increasing recently. The famous person is not just a talented television personality but is also a very creative radio personality. His work is commendable in his field and is appreciated by everyone inside and outside the country. Let us now have a look at the very interesting trivia quiz and see how much you know about Howard Stern!

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1. What is the birthdate of Howard Stern?

47706 6 February 1967
47707 12 January 1954
47708 22 November 1956
47709 29 June 1945

2. What other occupation does he follows other than media personality?

47766 Dancer
47767 Singer
47768 Painter
47769 Photographer

3. What is the favorite color of Howard Stern?

47798 Black
47799 Blue
47800 Green
47801 Yellow

4. What is the height of Howard Stern?

47814 2.8 meters
47815 1.5 meters
47816 1.4 meters
47817 1.96 meters

5. What is the name of Howard Stern's radio show?

47818 The Howard Show
47819 The Show
47820 The Howard Stern Show
47821 The Radio Show

6. What is the favorite food of Howard Stern?

47822 Chinese
47823 Continental
47824 Italian
47825 Mughlai

7. How many children does Howard Stern has?

47826 1
47827 2
47828 3
47829 4

8. When did Howard Stern started his career?

47830 1980
47831 1972
47832 1997
47833 1975

9. When did Howard Stern's show aired first ?

47834 1986
47835 1990
47836 1996
47837 2000

10. What is the father's name of Howard Stern?

47838 Ben
47839 Tom
47840 James
47841 Jack

11. What is the mother's name of Howard Stern?

47842 Emilia
47843 Erica
47844 Ray
47845 Jake

12. What is the current wife of Howard Stern?

47846 Beth Ostrosky Stern
47847 Jake Stern
47848 Ben Ray Stern
47849 None of the above

13. What is the name of ex wife of Howard Stern?

47850 Alison
47851 Jake
47852 Emma
47853 Emilia

14. What is the networth of Howard Stern?

47854 $650 million
47855 $450 million
47856 $290 million
47857 $500 million

15. What is the lucky number of Howard Stern?

47858 1
47859 6
47860 3
47861 9
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