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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Hemostat Advancement of The Starch Based

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Starch-based 'hemostat' material has been prepared by the Institute of Nano Science and Technology {INST}. The starch-based hemostat content concentrates the natural clotting factors in the blood that are important to prevent blood flow. The hemostat material absorbs excess fluid, which is necessary to stop bleeding, thickening the natural causes of blood clotting. However, hemorrhage can resume after removing substances that do not degrade naturally. Scientists working on this hoped that they would be able to develop a versatile, possibly life-saving and cheaper product that would reduce worldwide A more realistic solution would be for income economies. This product has improved absorption capacity and is naturally biodegradable as well as biodegradable. Let's know more about Starch-based 'hemostat' material.

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1. Biodegradable microparticles of this substance combine to form a-----------on the wound.

63406 Gel
63407 Hydroxyl
63408 Carboxymethyl
63409 None of these

2. The microorganisms of this substance are known as...

63410 'Calcium-modified carboxymethyl-starch'
63411 Biodegradable Microparticles
63412 Biocompatibility
63413 All of the above

3. According to scientists, starch-based hemostat helps in what?

63414 Absorbs excess fluid from blood
63415 Aids blood coagulation
63416 Both of the above
63417 None of these

4. By how many times has the fluid absorptive capacity of the hemostat increased?

63418 5-6
63419 5-10
63420 10-15
63421 10-20

5. What confirmed the hemostat substance during animal studies?

63422 Non-Toxic
63423 Biodegradibility
63424 Both of the above
63425 None of these

6. Use of this substance during use on animals succeeded in stopping moderate to heavy bleeding in less than -------------- minute.

63426 One minute
63427 Two minute
63428 Three minute
63429 Four minute

7. INST was established in which year under the Nano Mission of the Government of India?

63430 In the year 2010
63431 In the year 2012
63432 In the year 2013
63433 In the year 2014

8. Where is headquarter of the Institute of Nano Science and Technology located?

63434 Punjab
63435 Haryana
63436 Rajasthan
63437 None of these

9. Who is the Chairperson of the institute of nanoscience and technology?

63438 Bernard Raveau
63439 Ajay K. Sood
63440 C. N. Ramachandra Rao
63441 Raghunath Anant Mashelkar

10. Hydroxyl group chemicals have been converted into...

63442 Calcium ions
63443 Carboxymethyl
63444 Biodegradability
63445 Biocompatibility
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