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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On FC Barcelona

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Football has always been everyone's favorite game since it involves a lot of energy and a great level of dedication and hard work. It is a great thing to see many of the football clubs that play absolutely well and makes their country proud too. One such amazing club that we all have heard of is Futbol Club Barcelona, which is one of the finest football clubs. This club is most famously and personally known by everyone as FC Barcelona. There are several fans of all the players of this club who are extremely amazing. Let us now have a look at the very amazing and interesting trivia quiz and see how much you can answer about the club!

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1. Which country is represented by Barcelona?

64146 America
64147 Spain
64148 Britain
64149 Greece

2. What is Barcelona colloquially known as?

64150 Brac
64151 Brece
64152 Barcel
64153 Barca

3. Who is the head coach of FC Barcelona?

64154 Quique Setién
64155 Quench Hriss
64156 Sterley Trewk
64157 None of the above

4. Who is the player of FC Barcelona?

64158 Lionel Messi
64159 Antoine Griezmann
64160 Louis Saurez
64161 All of the above

5. How many followers does FC Barcelona has on Instagram?

64162 56.9 million
64163 89.9 million
64164 84.5 million
64165 95.1 million

6. Where is the stadium of FC Barcelona?

64166 Campanga
64167 Camp Nou
64168 Los Vegas
64169 Vietnam

7. What is the name of president of FC Barcelona?

64170 Jednnele Trens
64171 Harrod Mrif
64172 Josep Maria Bartomeu
64173 None of the above

8. Who founded FC Barcelona?

64174 Messi
64175 Lawyer
64176 Student
64177 None of the above

9. What are the fans of FC Barcelona called?

64178 Fans
64179 Clues
64180 Friendss
64181 Cules

10. Who was the "grasshopper man" in FC Barcelona?

64182 Joseph Samitier
64183 John Rasty
64184 Robert Frost
64185 Lionel Messi

11. Who was the player that changed the history of FC Barcelona?

64206 John Cref
64207 Johan Cryuff
64208 Harrod Rley
64209 None of the above

12. Who is the God Of Football in FC Barcelona?

64230 Maradonna
64231 Lisa
64232 Grega
64233 Harry

13. How many sprinklers are used to water the pitch of

64234 17
64235 89
64236 102
64237 57

14. When will the stadium of FC Barcelona renewed?

64238 2025
64239 2014
64240 2021
64241 2087

15. What is the area of stadium of FC Barcelona?

64242 49,000 square meters
64243 32,000 square meters
64244 10,000 square meters
64245 55,000 square meters
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