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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Elementary Particle In physics

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An elementary particle may belong to one of two groups, which are the building blocks of the ferryman or boson's fermions matter, and are mass, while bosons behave as force carriers for Permian interactions and some of them have some Is not a mass. The standard model is the most accepted way of explaining how particles behave, and the forces that affect them. According to this model, elementary particles are classified into quarks, leptons, and gauge bosons, with the Higgs boson receiving a special status as a non-gauge boson. Of the particles that make up an atom, only the electron is a primary particle. Protons and neutrons are made up of quarks, which make them mixed particles, particles that are made up of other particles. Let's know more about Elementary Particle In physics.

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1. In quantum theory, protons and neutrons had quirked-up quarks and down quarks, what are they now considered?

64286 Primary Particles
64287 Secondary Particles
64288 Elementary Particles
64289 All of the above

2. A particle containing two or more elementary particles is a ---------------------.

64290 Composite Particle
64291 Statistics Particle
64292 Probability Particle
64293 All of the above

3. Which category of elementary particles are matter particles?

64294 Icons
64295 Bosons
64296 Einsteins
64297 Fermions

4. Which of the following category of elementary particles are force-carrying particles?

64298 Bosons
64299 Icons
64300 Einsteins
64301 All of the above

5. Light is made up of which type of following elementary particles?

64302 Photons
64303 Quarks
64304 Leptons
64305 None of these

6. Which types of following elementary particles are electrons?

64306 Photons
64307 Gluons
64308 Leptons
64309 None of these

7. Which of the following elementary particles are the building blocks of protons and neutrons?

64310 Gluons
64311 Photons
64312 Quarks
64313 None of these

8. How many numbers quarks make up a proton?

64314 08
64315 05
64316 03
64317 01

9. Which theoretical particle travels faster than the speed of light?

64318 Tachyon
64319 Quark
64320 Boson
64321 All of the above

10. According to the current models of big bang nucleosynthesis, the primordial composition of visible matter of the universe should be about ---------------% hydrogen.

64322 About 05% hydrogen
64323 About 25% hydrogen
64324 About 50% hydrogen
64325 About 75% hydrogen
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