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Ultimate Trivia Quiz on Ecosystem and its Components! How Much You Know About Ecosystem and its Components Quiz

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The ecosystem is a dynamic system that includes both biotic and abiotic components, influencing the properties of each other. They are necessary for the maintenance of life and it is a self-regulatory and self-sustaining, structural and functional unit of the landscape. It can be natural as forest or artificial as aquarium, spacecraft, kitchen, etc. It can be small as a log or can be large as forests, pond, coral reef, river, ocean, etc. So play the Ecosystem and its Components quiz and know more about the ecosystem and its components.

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1. Which ecosystem has maximum stratification?

43621 Desert ecosystem
43622 Grassland
43623 Coniferous land
43624 Tropical rainforest

2. What is the percentage of Sunlight trapped by producers?

43625 1 to 5%
43626 5 to 10%
43627 10 to 15%
43628 15 to 20%

3. What is the percentage of energy utilized by the herbivorous?

43629 20%
43630 50%
43631 10%
43632 30%

4. The graphical representation of different trophic levels is called.....

43633 Food chain
43634 Food web
43635 Ecological equivalents
43636 Ecological pyramid

5. Which category of the pyramid can never be inverted?

43637 Number
43638 Biomass
43639 Energy
43640 All of the above

6. Which category of organisms forms the starting point of the food chain?

43641 Micro consumer
43642 Producers
43643 Reducers
43644 Herbivorous

7. Key industrial animals are the term used for.....

43645 Primary consumer
43646 Secondary consumers
43647 Tertiary consumers
43648 All of the above

8. In the deep aquatic ecosystem, the major autotrophs are.....

43649 Phytoplanktons
43650 Zooplanktons
43651 Small plants
43652 Macrophytes

9. What scientific term is used for the circulation of the essential nutrients?

43653 Biogeographic cycle
43654 Cycling of material
43655 Biological cycle
43656 Biogeochemical cycle

10. Which one of the following is the source of energy in the ecosystem?

43657 Sun
43658 Glucose
43659 DNA
43660 ATP

11. The process which helps in nutrient conservation is.....

43661 Mineralization
43662 Nutrification
43663 Leaching
43664 Immobilization

12. Who gave the 10% law for energy transfer?

43665 Transley
43666 Lindman
43667 Odum
43668 Stanley

13. How many types of ecological pyramids?

43669 1
43670 2
43671 3
43672 4

14. Who proposed ecological pyramids?

43673 Haeckel
43674 Odum
43675 Lindman
43676 Elton

15. In an ecosystem, which of the following act as a micro consumer?

43677 Insects
43678 Bacteria
43679 Small fish
43680 Phytoplankton

16. In the pyramid of the number, herbivorous occupy.....

43681 Second position
43682 First position
43683 Fourth position
43684 Proposition
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