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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About The Ionospheric Connection Explorer ICON Satellite

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The American Space Research Organization 'NASA' has launched a satellite called 'ICON' to explore the mysterious, dynamic region of the "Ionosphere" which is the meeting point of air and space. This refrigerator-shaped satellite will study the optical components of air produced by gases present in the ionosphere and will also measure the charged atmosphere around the spacecraft, which is 580 kilometers above the Earth's surface. This satellite will help determine the physics of Earth's space environment and will also pave the way to reduce its effects on our technology, communication systems, and society. The study of the ionosphere will help to find out how the upper atmosphere reacts to geomagnetic storms, which is a problem for the Earth's magnetic field due to solar activity. Take This Trivia Quiz About The Ionospheric Connection Explorer ICON Satellite.

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1. The ionosphere lies between how many kilometers above the mesosphere?

36839 50 to 400 kilometers
36840 80 to 500 kilometers
36841 80 to 800 kilometers
36842 80 to 900 kilometers

2. The 'ICON' satellite launched by NASA to study the ionosphere reached the orbit by how many years behind schedule?

36843 Three years
36844 Two years
36845 Four years
36846 Five years

3. Through which area do radio communications and GPS waves communicate?

36847 Ozonosphere
36848 Ionosphere
36849 Troposphere
36850 All of above

4. Why is the ionosphere known as the "ionosphere"?

36851 It contains magnetically charged particles
36852 It contains O3 particles
36853 It contains radioactive particles
36854 It contains electrically charged particles

5. What is the Ionospheric Connection Explorer mission type?

36855 Earth observation
36856 Mars observation
36857 Solar observation
36858 Lunar observation

6. When was the Ionospheric Connection Explorer mission launch?

36859 10 Oct 2019
36860 11 Oct 2019
36861 12 Oct 2019
36862 11 Oct 2018

7. What is meant by engaged in IOCN satellite equipment 'EUV'?

36863 Extreme Ultraviolet spectrometer
36864 Far Ultraviolet spectrometer
36865 Ion Velocity Meter
36866 None of above

8. Michelson Interferometer for Global High-resolution Thermospheric Imaging mounted on....

36867 Far Ultraviolet spectrometer
36868 Ion Velocity Meter
36869 Ionospheric Connection Explorer
36870 All of above

9. What is the orbital reference system of Ionospheric Connection Explorer?

36871 Low Earth
36872 Geocentric
36873 Planned
36874 Ion Velocity

10. What was the name of the rocket ICON launched?

36875 Falcon XI
36876 Pegasus XL
36877 Falcon IX
36878 None of these

11. Which is the Perigee altitude of ICON in the mile?

36879 367 mile
36880 347 mile
36881 327 mile
36882 357 mile

12. Power generated by Ionospheric Connection Explorer in ____________watts.

36883 780 watts
36884 500 watts
36885 670 watts
36886 900 watts
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