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Test Your Knowledge About Wasp Insect! Let's Take an Awesome Quiz About Wasp Insect

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Wasp belongs to the class insect order Hymenoptera of Phylum Arthropoda. It is a social, colonial insect common during summer in Northern India. It Hibernates in winters. They make hive with pulp, decaying wood soften by chewing. They are generally found attached to the ceiling, branches of trees and rocks. The larva of the wasps is specialized in hunting only one kind of insect or arachnid. Their head is transversely wide, bears bent antenna and chewing type of mouthparts. Take this quiz and know more about Wasp.

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1. Wasp itself is a...

45186 Non vegetarian
45187 Vegetarian
45188 Omnivorous
45189 Scavengers

2. The larva of the wasp feed only on...

45190 Insects
45191 Arachnids
45192 Both of these
45193 None of these

3. How many pairs of membranous wings present in the thorax of wasp?

45194 Four pairs
45195 Three pairs
45196 Five pairs
45197 Two pairs

4. How many pairs of legs a wasp has?

45198 Three pairs
45199 Four pairs
45200 Five pairs
45201 Six pairs

5. What is the shape of the abdomen of wasp?

45202 Circle
45203 Rectangle
45204 Oval
45205 Spindle

6. Wasps are the only representative of....... Which use their sting to defend themselves as well as to attack their victim.

45206 Cleopatra
45207 Hymenoptera
45208 Both of these
45209 None of these

7. Vespa is also known as...

45210 Yellow wasp
45211 Green wasp
45212 Red wasp
45213 Brown wasp

8. Which one of the following is known as a yellow wasp?

45214 Vespa
45215 Poliste
45216 Cerceria
45217 Sphex
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