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Teaching Aptitude Test Quiz Questions and Answers

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In a narrow sense, teaching aptitude means an interest in teaching work. But in a wider sense, teaching aptitude includes all those elements which are essential for good teaching that is a method of teaching, knowledge of the subject, communication skills of the teacher, professional commitment an individual quality of the teacher. Teachers, students, and subjects are the main part of teaching work. In the absence of any one of these parts, teaching work cannot be done and it would of obstruct the teaching process and teaching would not be the effective. So take this quiz and check your teaching aptitude.

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1. As a member of the selection committee will you select for the post of a teacher? One who has...

56706 Good knowledge of group dynamics
56707 Command over the subject
56708 Balanced personality
56709 All of the above

2. An important aspect of teaching aptitude is...

56710 The capability of the teacher to let the students realize the truth
56711 The capability of the teachers to make teaching student-oriented
56712 The capability of the teacher to check the creativity of a student
56713 The capability of the teacher to make student vocation oriented

3. A teacher must be an expert in his subject. Besides, he/ she should also...

56714 Know his students
56715 Have the knowledge of the subjectives of the curriculum being taught
56716 Have the knowledge of teaching methods
56717 All of the above

4. The true objective of education is...

56718 All-around the development of students
56719 Helping students acquire knowledge
56720 Preparing students for job
56721 Making students able so can earn a living

5. Which of the following teacher's quality contributes most to good classroom discipline?

56722 A simple way of living
56723 Effective teaching
56724 Good behavior and pleasant manners
56725 Charming personality

6. Good teaching is a function of...

56726 High academic qualifications of the teachers
56727 Sincerity and devotion to the proposed profession of teaching
56728 Powerful leadership
56729 None of the above

7. Who has the least chance of becoming an effective teacher?

56730 One who teaches moral values
56731 One Who is a strict disciplinary
56732 Knows his subject well
56733 One who has no interest in teaching

8. Who plays an important role in the growth of a student?

56734 Principal
56735 Guardian
56736 Teacher
56737 School manager

9. The most important quality of a teacher is...

56738 Patience
56739 Humbleness
56740 Sympathetic attitude
56741 All of the above

10. Teaching is a...

56742 An art
56743 A process
56744 A Dialoge
56745 A skill
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