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The Ultimate Taylor Swift Quiz

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Taylor Swift is a very talented singer & songwriter from America. She started her career earlier & she becomes the youngest artist at the age of 14 & joined Sony publishing media house. She has more than 129 million followers on Instagram & around 86 a million followers on Twitter. Let's take an ultimate Taylor Swift quiz & know more about her.

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1. When is Taylor Swifts birthday

66486 October 24
66487 December 13
66488 June 24
66489 February 2

2. What is Taylor Swift's full name?

66490 Taylor Alison Swift
66491 Taylor Alice Swift
66492 Taylor Ali Swift
66493 Taylor Alyson Swift

3. Which is the first album by Taylor Swift?

66610 Taylor Swift
66611 Red
66612 Lover
66613 1989

4. What is the middle name of Taylor Swift?

66614 Alison
66615 Jalison
66616 Calison
66617 Malison

5. Which is the 2nd album of Taylor Swift?

66618 Speak Now
66619 Red
66620 Lover
66621 Fearless

6. Which is the birthplace of Taylor Swift?

66622 Easton, Pennsylvania
66623 Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
66624 Reading, Pennsylvania
66625 Allentown, Pennsylvania

7. Which is the name of Taylor Swift?

66626 Justin Swift
66627 Austin Swift
66628 Michael Swift
66629 None of the above

8. Which is the name of Taylor Swift's cat?

66630 Benjamin Button
66631 Benjamin Swift
66632 Both of the above
66633 None of the above
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