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Really Which Hogwarts House Are You In Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Where might you take your folks?

21914 The Cutty Sark
21915 The British Library
21916 The Shard
21917 The London Dungeons

2. Pick one of the accompanyings:

21918 Firewhiskey
21919 Butterbeer
21920 Water
21921 None of the abovementioned

3. What is your preferred shading?

21922 Green
21923 Yellow
21924 Blue
21925 Red

4. Pick an action that will keep you occupied at Hogwarts:

21926 Camping
21927 Daydreaming
21928 Reading and composing
21929 Chilling in a bar

5. How might you react on the off chance that somebody singles out you and your companion?

21930 Stand up to them!
21931 Let them be, I have preferred activities over waste my time on those individuals.
21932 Run away and cry
21933 I don’t know

6. What is your best quality?

21934 Intelligence
21935 Bravery
21936 Ambition
21937 Kindness

7. Your home is ablaze, what might you spare first?

21938 Your books
21939 Your pet
21940 Your melodic instrument
21941 Food

8. What terrifies you the most?

21942 Needles
21943 Storms
21944 Failure
21945 The dull

9. Which painting is the most speaking to you?

21946 The birth of Venus
21947 Self-representation
21948 Nature and winged animals lives
21949 Mountains and waterways

10. You need a break from the capital. Where might you go?

21950 Camping in Wales
21951 A woodland in Albania
21952 Shark making a plunge South Africa
21953 Rome
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