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Quiz: Which Guardians Of The Galaxy Are You? Let's Enjoy Guardians Of The Galaxy Quiz

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There are so many galaxies in the universe but only a few people to guard them. Your galaxy might be in threat anytime from the planetary tenants who are always conspiring to blow your galaxy. They might be a battle anytime and the galaxy would require you to step in save it. You must have always wondered ling one of the guardians of the galaxy. It's your time now; let's find out which guardian of the galaxy you are with the quiz below.

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1. What do you do when something unwanted happens?

121836 Cry out
121837 Fight it out
121838 Try to deal with it
121839 Escape

2. How is your physique?

121840 Heavily built
121841 Tall and lean
121842 Short and stout
121843 Too slender

3. What is your strength?

121844 Muscle power
121845 Mindpower
121846 Charm
121847 Trickery

4. Which relation do you value most?

121848 Family
121849 Friends
121850 Life partner
121851 No one

5. What is your weakness?

121852 Emotions
121853 Anger
121854 Weak body
121855 Money

6. Are you were born leader?

121856 Yes
121857 Never
121858 Maybe
121859 Not sure

7. Do you love to fight battles?

121860 Yes
121861 Never had one
121862 I will love to
121863 I don't know

8. Are you a responsible person?

121864 Very much
121865 Not at all
121866 My responsibilities define me
121867 Somewhat

9. Which planet are you from?

121868 Earth
121869 Venus
121870 Jupiter
121871 Mercury

10. Which is your favorite weapon?

121872 Sword
121873 Guns
121874 Hammer
121875 Arrows
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