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Quiz: Which Character from Liv and Maddie Are You Like Most?

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The comedy television series lead by Liv and twin sister Maddie make the audience crazy till today. Dove Cameron and Jessica Marie Garcia described all the emotions amazingly through their acting. Willow, Parker, Diggie, Maddie, Josh, Liv, Artie, Reggie, or Zillow makes one feel for their loved character. So, which character from Liv and Maddie are you like most. Find out right here by taking this quiz.

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1. What outdoor activity do you prefer?

117560 Playing basketball
117561 Stroll on beach sand
117562 Shopping
117563 Eating out with friends

2. What kind of clothes do you wear?

117564 Comfortable
117565 Stylish
117566 Both stylish & comfortable
117567 Depends

3. Do you like patterns?

117568 Yes
117569 No
117570 Somewhere
117571 Color block is perfect

4. Who among your family do you adore?

117572 Mom
117573 Dad
117574 Sister
117575 Brother

5. Is it right to call you lone wolf?

117576 Absolutely not
117577 Somewhat
117578 Not at all
117579 Not sure

6. Which creative activity do you do?

117580 Singing
117581 Acting
117582 Writing
117583 DIY Crafts

7. Do you have a crush on someone?

117584 Yes, I am dreaming about someone
117585 No, I don’t have time
117586 I am into a serious relation
117587 Maybe

8. How many friends do you have?

117588 A lot
117589 A few
117590 Uncountable
117591 Never counted

9. One word that describes you:

117592 Confident
117593 Energetic
117594 Funny
117595 Optimist

10. Where would you like to go on vacation?

117596 Switzerland
117597 Goa
117598 Paris
117599 Norway
Let’s start the quiz

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